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Upcoming Zodiac Treasures to look forward to...

Looking Forward

Your Forecast...for Collecting

So if you're hoping this is going to be some tell-all astrology page, I'm very sorry to let you down. I won't be giving any advice based on your birth sign, and if I ever write to you about what you should or should not do based on what time of the year you were born, well... feel free to call me out for my lack of wisdom.


What you will find here, over time, is the zodiac medals, coins, and currency that will be worth looking out for, looking into, or just plain looking at for those who are interested in this subject.


I plan to always be on the lookout for these things, and I had a short list of items that I wish would come to market, so I thought, why not share it with the community.

City Hall Clock at Heilbron, Germany

Upcoming Zodiac Treasures

Computer 3D Zodiac Metal Printed Series

In the last few years, there has been a subculture of 3D CAD enthusiasts who have been creating sculptural models entirely in the virtual space. This hobby is trending because 3D Printing technology will find new ways to manufacture all kinds of different things for us. Well, those days are here. I am now regularly seeing 3D models for sale at various websites that specialize in the distribution of 3-dimensional models for jewelry, coins, parts and replacement pieces for games as well. Metallic 3D printing is now a reality, and with that, collectible coins are starting to come out of China, India and the United States. The set featured below is done completely from a 3D model and created at a CAM plant in China that specializes in creating real products for prototyping in the real world. It will be the next manufacturing revolution.


I have a couple of sets of this design now. One from India done in brass at 32mm, and this one from China at a 41mm diameter that is done with an antique silver finish that looks pretty much just like these images. How many more interesting sets will come out is impossible to know.


  • Designer: Shulkyn

  • Date Of Issue: 08/23/2016

  • Value: Non-Denominational

  • Theme: Western Zodiac

  • Print Run: Ongoing

  • Material: Multiple

  • Come in CuNi, Brass, and Silver


My Zodiac Coin Keepsake

This was an interesting Kickstarter that achieved its funding at 200% levels. The originators of the project reached out to me several months ago to help advertise their idea. I did post their promotional movie on my main consulting page, but I was reluctant to endorse any project that had not come to fruition. 



These are for sale on eBay from some advanced buyers in both silver and gold-tone.
I find the 3-D printing technique used to create these a bit rough and they come off more like a recast. They are definitely high-relief. I purchased a complete set in the bronze tone to add to my collection.


Check back from time to time. There'll be more!

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