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Sharing Ideas and Creating a Network of Thought Leaders Whom Will Learn from Each Other

This is the landing page to get your head around my small but ambitious website. It provides the basic idea of what its content is all about in the sections below and the navigation tabs above.


The focus is to share ideas and learn from each other. My major interests are here for you to explore many linked websites.


Spend some time and explore. I hope you find some things you're interested in or at least find some new sites that you have never seen before.


I have been circling our sun for about 55 years now and I often reflect/wonder on my many interests including, but not limited to: Logos, History, Digital Media and Communications, Philosophy, Astronomy, Geology, Lapidary, Time, Physics, Religion, Science Fiction, Coinage, and Medals, Writing and the Cosmos in general.

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My Linked In Website

My Deviant Art Website

Michigan Mineralogical Website

RPG Now Website - Bronze Dragon Publishing

Where in the World

When you come to my website you 
leave a pin where you're from so I can see who has stopped by and visited for a bit. Really glad you stopped by, and I hope you found something of interest. I am always adding in and discovering new things so come back after a while to see what's new.

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You know who you are and if you need to ask, just ask.

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