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On the Minds of Our Kids

As a parent, it's often a part of the daily tasks to check in on what is going on inside our kid's head. When they are young, it's usually pretty apparent what they are thinking about, and they open up pretty quickly about their daily successes and problems. But when they become teenagers, they recede into the depths of their developing personalities and all the difficulties of oncoming adulthood. For many of them, it's the time they start to realize that we adults they looked up to for answers and security are still figuring it out too. Some of us, if we're paying attention, should tell them that and let them know that being an adult isn't so much about having the answer; it's about the journey and finding your path and standing up for what you feel and think is right. It's about having the integrity to face the hard choices and not do what is easy, but to do what is hard when it's the right thing to do. Something that seems to be sorely missing in the eyes of our children.

Check out this short movie on what many of them are thinking.


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