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The Idea of Absolutely Everything

Since the beginning of the science of physics, scientists have been engaged in reverse engineering the universe. They have studied what they could observe and worked backward toward smaller and smaller levels of the physical world. By doing this, physicists are attempting to reach the final and most basic level. It is this level, they hope, that will serve as the foundation for understanding everything else.

Following his famous Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein spent the rest of his life looking for the one final level that would answer all physical questions. Physicists refer to this phantom theory as the Theory of Everything. Quantum physicists believe that they are on the trail of finding that final theory. But other physicists believe that the quantum level is not the smallest level, so it therefore could not provide the Theory of Everything.

This is an attempt to explain all the possibilities of existence within the framework of 10 dimensional space. It will make distinctions between the spacial dimensions, temporal dimensions and pure information, the multi-verse, the omni-verse and our universe as well as providing a framework to understand 10 dimensional space based upon point, line and plane geometry. It is important to visualize each new dimension as an additional freedom over the last one and it will help to make the logical leap to the next level higher as well. In geometry, this is referred to as the point-line postulate. The model builds upon its complexity by starting with a point in space and building upon its vector of movement for each dimension above and intersects it at a right angle (90 degrees) to add to the movement potential in the next higher dimension. In this way we can visualize 10 dimensional space while living in a 3D world. The second dimension (a plane or slice of space) is at a right angle to 1st dimensional space, just as three dimensional space is at a right angle to two dimensional space. Also to keep in mind, is the fact that each higher dimension touches every point of the next lower dimension and is interwoven through it. In this way a Fifth dimensional traveler could travel through 3rd dimensional space, just as a flatlander would see a three dimensional creature move through its 2D plane of existence. 4D space (or space-time) is orthogonal (90 degrees) to 3D space in a way that adds another dimension or level of travel freedom to it.

Each dimension will start with a geometric representation of itself (as best I can) and I will try to illuminate the spacial qualities that I can describe to us 4-dimensional creatures.

We start at the beginning, the Zero dimension...

Dimension Zero: the Point (A)


It is the beginning dimension, but it is not a space, so to speak. With no dimension of height, width or depth, it does not occupy any physical space within our universe. However, it is the dimension of manifestation. The point upon which our reality is formed within a point in space. See the 7th dimension for reference to this point in the omni-verse.

Within the zero dimension the universe arises from a break in pure information symmetry. Zero is not the absence of all things, but is instead the possibility of all things, a cumulative mathematical concept of all positive numbers and all negative numbers together. Since 10 added to -10 equals zero, then all positive numbers added to all negative numbers equals a sum of 0. By breaking the number line of symmetry, the sum of the number line would then equal the opposite of the number or numbers that would be missing. Mathematically, this would be represented that infinity would now be equal to the opposite of the missing number.

The infinity symbol was originally known as the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. The idea strives from The Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail. It represents the infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return.

If, for example on the number line of all numbers the -5 was missing, then the sum of all numbers would be 5, as that would be the number left over from subtracting all negative numbers from all positive numbers. The number 5 contains all the other numbers except the number -5. This is why some cosmologist state that the universe were we live is a break in the symmetry of the universe of all possibilities which caused our universe to form out of the sum of all possibilities. The Zero dimension is the point of indeterminate size from which all possibilities arise including the possibilities of existence itself of all possibilities connecting the infinitely large with the infinitely small. This is a mental shift from zero being nothing to zero being full of all other numbers, while any other number is less than zero with it missing the opposite number. The break in any number causes the shift in the perfect balance and offers an inclusion in the perfect macrocosm of information upon which our, or any other universe forms. In other words, it is the speck of missing information that the crystallization of a space starts upon.

The 1st Dimension: The Line [ A to B ]



If you take two points in space and draw a line between them, you have an example of the 1st dimension. A line with no width or height. It is a form of infinity as the line goes on forever. It is a concept that works for any dimension from 1 to 9 and can be used as a model to continue the mental exercise of 10 dimensions to add to each dimension while adding to the complexity and completeness of all dimensions. The 1st dimension is one segment of our universe and represents its possible infinite length to us.

The Second Dimension: The Plane or Square [ A to B to C ]

This is the first spacial dimension where space can be divided. The second dimension exists at right angles to the 1st dimension. A point that is added to the line of the 1st dimension can now define the plane or a square. A plane has length and width, but no depth. It is a slice of infinity in the 3D spacial dimension.

If you think about how a three dimensional object passes through 2 dimensional space you begin to understand that different points in two dimensional space can be traversed through the third dimension.

To the observer on the 2D plane, a three dimensional object would only exist as a slice of itself and an object traveling through the plane would seem to pop into existence at a point on the plane and could disappear as it left the plane. This is the basis behind much of what we will be discussing on how to visualize the higher planes. The next plane up is always at a right angle to the current plane you are on and you can wormhole traverse the next lower plane by moving through it. If you think of a sphere traveling through a plane you can visualize how the sphere would intersect at a point, grow into a circle and then shrink to a point again and disappear. Keep this in mind as we explore higher dimensional spaces.

The Third Dimension: the CUBe [ A,B,C plus D,E,F,G & H ]

It is the dimension of space without time. The third dimension is a snapshot of the height, width and depth of space without any change. Like a giant flip book of the universe where each page is a instant snapshot of the universe. In reality, it is impossible to see the universe this way since we see with light, and light takes time to travel through space. The further we see something that is very far away, the longer it takes light to travel to us to see it. So in the third dimension, a frame of the universe is a snapshot of quantum space where time does not exist. This is referred to as a Planck frame. Planck is a term that means the smallest unit possible.

You can also visualize how the third dimension exists at a right angle from the second dimension. Every plane in the third dimension is at a right angle to the plane of the second dimension. It is created by adding one additional point above or below the plane of the second dimension and all the points of the second dimensions can be touched by traveling across the third dimension.

Visual Example:

The third dimension is the last of the three spacial dimensions and all the higher dimensions can be seen as information or possibilities of the spacial dimensions.

Three dimensional space can be represented as a cube geometrically and is a device used to represent the higher planes: We will use the cube as a concept of how to visualize higher planes as well.

To summarize so far, the point is dimension zero, the line is the 1st dimension, the square is 2nd dimension and the cube is the third dimension.

If your with me, I'm impressed because this is pretty mundane stuff. 8th grade geometry, but it is the device that will help us to visualize all the higher dimensions. Thanks for sticking with it so far!

From the Spacial to the Temporal...

The Forth Dimension: The Tesseract [ Alphabet soup ]

This is the first dimension of time. Time is a way for the spacial first three dimensions to change. Some label this dimension as duration. Time can change and bend in space. It is a building up of the three dimensions and adds another angle to space which is really a way to add movement to objects in space as they travel. The duration dictates how it moves and how we perceive the movement and adds a very real and necessary dimension to the universe so it can change. Some call the shapes that three dimensional space forms with the additional dimension of time a “spime” or just space-time. It is a representation of an object in space with the additional dimension of time. Imagine yourself from womb to tomb over the time-line of your life. How you change from infant to old age and what your appearance would become. This is your spime shape. It is your life in space-time or the spime of your physical self.

This also leads us to believe that light and time are closely intertwined according to Einsteins Theory of Relativity. Light could be a manifestation or time wave that acts as the right angle intersection of space and the higher dimension of time.

Just as we build upon geometry to higher and higher dimensional shapes, this is how to build a tesseract, or a 4D cube.

As the Cube can be reduced to a shadow 2D shape, the above is a shadow of the tesseract or 4D cube in space. To us, a 4 dimensional shape is hard to visualize as we are so wired to perceive and think in only 3 dimensions, but imagine if you were a flat 2D creature and how difficult it would be to visualize a 3D shape. You would have no way to understand the added dimension and to you, time might be considered the 3rd dimension. It also follows logically that if we were able to traverse the 4th dimension we could effectively pop into existence anywhere in the 3rd dimension on our main time-line and could pop into that time-line anywhere along it, just as in the 2nd to 3rd dimensional analogy.

Effectively to us, all of the universe does exist in 4D space. It is Length, Height and Width to describe the matter that exists inside it, but time is required to have movement through space. Therefore time is the added dimension. We often think that we are three dimensional creatures living in 3D space, but this is incorrect. Time is necessary for movement through 3D space.

If you could travel across the 4th dimension, you would be able to pop in one spot in space-time and pop out to another spot in your space-time. That is the level of freedom to travel through 4D spacetime. We exist in 4D space traveling only forward in time. To a 2D creature, we seem to magically pop in and out of their plane of existence all the time but we would have no way to perceive them, as their existence would be invisible to us. They have no mass and no way to get our attention. Makes me wonder if higher dimensional creatures would know we even exist at all.

Now to take a spacial jump. If you can imagine the universe we exist in from its beginning to its end and everything inside it that exists on our universe’s time-line, wrap it into a ball, you have a point in all our universe’s existence and that is called the 4D point. It is the line of the beginning to the end of the universe where past, present and future are simultaneously together in the 4D point. This will lead us to understanding the 5th dimension.

Note: Some scientist believe that time exists outside of the dimensions or is separate and should not be included since it does not seem like a spacial dimension, but I conclude that it is a very real and necessary dimension. It is better to think of it as duration as opposed to time and if you visualize how three dimensional space moves through duration, it is easy to conclude that time does move at a right angle from 3 dimensions (and static) space.

The 5th Dimension: The Pentaract [ All Your Possible Alphabet Soups ]

This might be called the dimension of all probable time-lines of your universe. All the parallel universes to our own. It exists as all the potentials of the universe you are in, but with all the potential changes and outcomes to this universe. We cannot see all the other space times because they are orthogonal in subspace to our current 4-D space-time, so they exist outside our perception. Imagine the 5th dimension exists at right angles to your current reality as it is constantly arriving along all probabilities of duration and to the actions that we choose.

In 1954, a young Princeton University doctoral candidate named Hugh Everett III came up with a radical idea: That there exist parallel universes, exactly like our universe. These universes are all related to ours; indeed, they branch off from ours, and our universe is branched off of others. Within these parallel universes, our wars have had different outcomes than the ones we know. Species that are extinct in our universe have evolved and adapted in others. In other universes, we humans may have become extinct.

A representation of all our Universes in the 5th Dimension as seen from the higher 6th Dimension.

This thought boggles the mind and yet, it is still comprehensible. Notions of parallel universes or dimensions that resemble our own have appeared in works of science fiction and have been used as explanations for metaphysics. But why would a young up-and-coming physicist possibly risk his future career by posing a theory about parallel universes?

With his Many-Worlds Theory, Everett was attempting to answer a rather sticky question related to quantum physics: Why does quantum matter behave erratically? The study of quantum physics began in 1900, when the physicist Max Planck first introduced the concept to the scientific world. Planck’s study of radiation yielded some unusual findings that contradicted classical physical laws. These findings suggested that there are other laws at work in the universe, operating on a deeper level than the one we know.

Our current understanding of quantum mathematics supports this view of “super flux” with branching time-lines that occur at the 5th dimension. If you accept this, the field equations for gravity and light are resolved for space-time at the 5th dimension and other forces can be resolved as well, which has lead to modern String theory. The explanation as to why we cannot see into the 5th dimension is that its is only a plank lengths wide and is curled up so small that we cannot perceive of it. Contrary to popular belief, we do really live in the 5th dimension: Space + Time + Probability = Our Reality. We live in one example of a parallel universe!

This is a representation of a 5D hypercube (pentaract) in two dimensional space once you unfold it. Each corner can be thought of as its own cube space of the lower 4 dimensions. In terms of quantum mechanics, this can be thought of as the template to our universe as it constantly exists in time, space and probability at the same time.

A traveler in 5D space would be able to traverse all the time-lines for themselves in that space-time and could change the outcomes of the probabilities of their existence and create new forks in their life and be able to see or remember the changes that took place in another time-line they had lived within. Now while this is hard for human perception to understand, one can think of it as a tree where each branch is a decision that leads to a change in the universe leading back to the trunk’s base which is the start of their life and the time-line that lead to their life. They would also be able to pop into a state in their life and change the direction of the branch.

A great example of this was the Men in Black Movie when the 5th dimensional being was constantly "seeing" all the possible outcomes of the next few moments in time. They actually got this right in a Hollywood movie!

The Sixth Dimension: [Enough Alphabet Examples Already!]

Within this dimension exists all our possible universes. Think of this as the phase space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible state of the system corresponding to one unique point in the phase space. What this means is that the 6th dimension exists as the possibility of all the possibilities of the universe that could exist after the big bang. Similar to light that radiates out from a light bulb, the big bang was a point in space and represents the start of all possible universes with our set of physical properties of light, gravity, electro-magnetism and atomic laws. From this point we can draw a line from the big bang to the end of our universe.

This line segment represents the 5th dimension where we exist along that line. The 6th dimension is all the other lines in six dimensional space that radiate from the big bang radiating outward to their respective ends. Each of those universes is completely separate from us and has its own existence and has its own time line and space and its own probabilities. However, if you back away from all those line segments, they form a sphere of all the possible universes from the big bang at its center. If you back away far enough, it looks like a point in space.

The 6th dimension contains all the other universes that exist outside our 5th dimensional universe that have their own unique properties and physical characteristics. Their laws of physics may be slightly different from our own universe or radically different. They exist outside of our big bang and have their own independent start and end but share the same start point. They all have their own 6 dimensions, physical properties and time-lines. String theory predicts that their could be 10 to the 500th power of other universes out there beyond our own. This is referred to as the “string landscape” and leads us to the 7th dimension. Think of the 6th dimension as the multi-verse. The probability of all possible universes with all their own physical laws and lower dimensions.

To clarify, in the 6th dimension, a being traveling across this plane would be able to “see” all the running possibilities of their universe since its common beginnings all the way to all of their possible ends laid out like branching spimes for each universe and every chance decision and happening in that universe.

Note: In mathematics and physics, a phase space is a space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible state of the system corresponding to one unique point in the phase space.

The Seventh Dimension: The Heptaract

This would be all the universes of 6 dimensional space and the membrane that connects all the other unique universes, From the perspective of the 7th dimension you could see the hyper-spheres of all the other universes and you would exist outside of time, space and physical properties or perhaps as a quantum wave function of possibility. It is the ultimate ensemble of all possibilities within all the physical constants of all the probable universes.

Each universe is locked into its position within the this dimension which contains the possibility matrix for the physical laws in which that universe exists. The position and polarity or spin properties of each universes seventh dimensional position would dictate its properties of potential size, physical laws and probabilities within each phase of its existence. This is called the omni-verse. The seventh dimension can be thought of at a sponge, where the holes or voids can be thought of as a multi-verse and the actual spongy material is the 7th dimension. The fabric of the sponge holds the multi-verses in place and in relation to each other.

An Example of an "un-folded" Heptaract where each square is an example of all the physical universes in that multiverse.

Each node of the illustration can be thought of a physical multi-verse with each node being the summation of all phase spaces of all the probabilities of each multi-verse.

A traveler in the 7th dimension would be able to travel along the space of the multi-verse and to the other multi-verse systems that touched the ones that they originated within.

One could picture traveling through the 7th dimension by means of a conveyor moving along a tunnel. Lining the tunnel would be all the multi-verses, and inside each multi-verse would be the phase space of each universal system and within that all the parallel universes that could exist in time. The traveler would merely stop and pick the spot to enter, and effectively tunnel down into the exact space and time to appear to the local inhabitants. To our perspective they would simply appear in a particular place and time and wink out when they wished to go someplace else. The mind boggles at the level of information that would be available to them in order to navigate through such a dimension.

The 7th dimension is the highest dimensional space in which anything like physicality exists. All dimensions higher than this are simply informational, energy, probabilities and would look down upon all creation, possibilities of creation and all possibilities that exist to every physical space.

The Eighth Dimension: The Octoract

Example of 8th dimensional hypercube shadow in 2D:

If the 7th dimension constitutes all the possible physical universes, then what exists beyond this? It is the ability to travel to all the different universes in the omni-verse. The 8th dimension is the vibration or wave function that represents all the possibilities of the speed of light, the force of gravity and all the other fundamental forces of the omni-verse plotted along their own lines for possibility with the added dimension to travel between all those possibilities. The 8th Dimension represents a split between physical realities and multi-verses to a dimension of pure possibility overlooking all the lower 7 dimensions.

In the eight dimension we move away from physical universe into the realm of viewing all those possibilities and to be able to traverse them. We have trouble thinking of how travel would work, but I do have an idea. Since the 8th dimension would touch each one of the multi-verses and in the forth dimension, the 8th dimension touches every point at the Planck level, so you might be able to travel to it by changing your quantum state to math the lower 7 dimensions which would snap you into place. It is worth noting that the variables for the traveler to follow would be the quantum positions, duration and probability as well as the physical laws of each multi-verse in order to “find” the spot to enter that universe. To us, the universe is so vast that it seems that we could never travel or comprehend our own, but to an 8th dimensional traveler, time, space and probability are a mere fingertip away.

It may seem very ethereal and impossible for this realm to exist, but there is evidence within the mathematics of string theory that all of these dimensions up to this and beyond do really exist. Some of the more recent theories of matter and subatomic interactions become much more straight forward and probable in eight dimensional mathematics.

Above is a possible example of what the Eight dimension could look like to an eight dimensional being. It is a cluster of waveforms. Each loop would contain all the quantum possibilities of that multi-verse and the different colors could represent the characteristics of the waveform. By traveling across the eighth dimension the traveler would change their own characteristics and quantum state as they moved through the dimension.

The Ninth Dimension: Rubrik's Cube...Kinda

A point in the 9th dimension would be the lower 7 dimensions of the omni-verse containing all the forces of gravity, light, electromagnetism, the nuclear forces and the 8th dimension that is the sponge that contains all the possibilities of those laws and their possibilities plus the additional angle of possible forces that can exist. A quantum foam of possibilities. Each Square, containing the smaller and smaller squares is like the folded out 7 dimensional cube above with the additional 8th and ninth dimensions added in.

I hope your head does not explode. Mine did a long time ago.

It is the dimension of ceaseless creativity unbounded by any form of laws, constraints or lack of information. It is a level of pure data and pure possibility beyond physics, beyond limits and can conform to any concept of science, spirituality and philosophy. Many believe that this is the layer of god and procreation of all form.

The Tenth Dimension:

The 10th Dimension is the same as dimension zero. It is the underlying symmetry state that all things, infinitely small and infinitely large arise from. It is sometimes listed as the tenth dimension with the 0 dimension being excluded. Now, the one we can’t conceive is the tenth. Imagining all possible universes with all possible branching time-lines with all possible beginnings and laws for a universe and all possible endings as a single point would destroy the human mind. Not to mention how you could imagine all possibilities and states of existence without having experienced them in some way.

Synopsis of the Planes:

•The 0th dimension is the dimension of manifestation. It is the sum of all infinites upon which any break forms a start to a possible multi-verse.

•The First, Second and Third dimensions - The spacial dimensions upon which matter and form are created and fixed in a universe.

•The 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions are the temporal or duration dimensions upon which the spacial dimensions are given duration and movement.

•The fourth dimension is a line of duration made up of three dimensional points. Time is a necessary component to space as movement and change runs at orthogonal angles to each 3d frame. This is the dimension of time travel within the universe you are in at present.

•The fifth dimension is a plane made up of 4D lines representing all parallel universes to our own (including us of course). It is all the possible universes that are contained within the original start of our universe. This is time travel that would allow the traveler to go to any time across any possibility of this universe.

•The sixth dimension contains other time-lines representing different universes with different beginnings, including our own (with all it’s parallel time-lines). This can be thought of as the multi-verse.

•The seventh is omni-versal point of everything physical and the means to travel to them. Only the first seven dimensions are relevant to physical reality at all levels. Beyond the 7th level, there is only information or endless data and vibration. Nothing physical above the 7th level.

• The eight dimension is the sponge of possibilities of the omni-verse and the method to move between them. The idea of super position dictates when and where you would appear in a particular multi-verse and with what possible qualities. An Eight dimensional being would live outside the laws of physics, time and space and their anatomy could only exist as potential energy states.

• The ninth dimension exists as a realm of pure energy, consciousness and all information.

In Conclusion:

In the grand scheme of all things in existence there is a way to visualize the scope of all the dimensions in three dimensional space. Obviously, there are huge challenges to do so, but this illustration does offer a framework to see all the dimensions encased within each other, though according to string theory, the reality of this is very different.

You will notice that each dimension is connected to or is inside each higher dimension with all the dimensions held within a single sphere. This sphere can be thought of as a single point that is ninth dimensional space (Holding all informations and all probabilities of all possible multi-verses. While this diagram shows the higher dimensions as bigger and around the lower dimensions, in the mathematics of string theory, the higher dimensions are folded inward so small that they touch every point in our three dimensional space below the sub-atomic size. The higher dimension do encompass vast amounts of energy and information to get to, so while they may seem smaller than quarks, the energy to travel to them is immense. String theory dictates that each part of space contains 123 times the energy than what we currently measure. It is an enigma for now, but I am certain that we will find the answer to this through higher dimensional experiments.

Finally, the prospect within this hypothesis is that there is order and symmetry to the omni-verse. The dimensions build upon each other in complexity from the 1st dimensions onward to pure information. In such a system we have assumed many things. We assume that there is a logical order to the information, we assume that there are dimensions beyond what we can sense and finally we assume that it is understandable to the human mind. These are all assumptions and in truth, we have no idea if this is correct. For all we know, the entire universe we inhabit is all there is, or perhaps our universe is an expanding bubble that represents one atom inside some grander universe. Perhaps we will never really know what the mind of god holds, if god is indeed in existence at all. For every new discovery in science only leads to more questions and with each understanding the darkness of ignorance recedes slightly, but in the scale of things laid out here, we are very small players in what could be a very grand play.

From dimension zero is easily visualized how the big bang occurred, why we exist in the universe with its own set of physical laws, how to possibly travel to other times and other universes and return. For those of a spiritual nature, the concept of god and higher dimensions may seem very comforting and has a logical (lawful) order unto itself in the 9th dimension. For those who don't believe in higher beings or that god plays any role in our universe, then he can easily be visualized as a big spaghetti monster hypercube of impersonal mathematical probabilities. I am not sure the universe really cares what you think. It just is.

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